Meet Candy.

Candy Leigh is an American award-winning and best-selling international author who is pursuing her PhD in Communication. Her research focuses on qualitative and critical studies of identity, power, and resilience in institutions and organizations. 

She currently resides in southeastern Wisconsin and teaches undergraduate courses in communication. As a yoga teacher and Reiki Master, Candy enjoys a healthy yoga and meditation practice to help manage her physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Her published works include a memoir/autoethnography entitled Finding Life In Between, a children’s book entitled Meet My Jesus, and a contribution to the anthology From the Frontlines of COVID: Inspiring True Stories of Everyday Heroes. Candy plans to publish additional works in the future.

Before getting laid off from her corporate job, Candy enjoyed a twenty-year career in the financial services industry, leading teams and consulting with leaders on organizational effectiveness and diversity and inclusion.

Candy is a mom to three humans and two long-haired wiener dogs. She is an advocate for social justice, mental health awareness, and kindness. She loves traveling, reading, writing, ideas, and sunshine.